How a pirate radio station shook Los Angeles: the story of KBLT

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Converging this with the earlier story on Mojo’s rider…

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I may have had something to do with the demise of KBLT.
I have a friend who had recently moved to LA from Tucson when the station was running. (I was running a similar station in Tucson, building my own gear.) He knew the KBLT people. He asked me if I could set them up with a stronger signal. I made a UHF linked remote transmitter that this friend mounted to the top of a building, one owned by Larry Flynt, so I was told. It worked, too well. They got shut down rather quickly.


Are there licensed pirate radio stations?

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Only if they have a letter of marque


The term ‘pirate’ implies no license. There was a documentary movie made about the Tucson unlicensed radio landscape c.2000 called Making Waves (Lahey, 2004). It’s an interesting story, although the main characters in the movie are some libertarian/sov cit/UFO types. I appear as the calm voice of reason.


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