How artist Refik Anadol uses AI to create hypnotic art installations

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So it’s a collaborative piece?


no not really he’s just taking credit for the ai’s hard work and creative endeavor.

its says right in title “uses” AI

Everybody else has dropped the ball, badly, is my takeaway.

Frankly, it makes me feel bad.

Abstract art usually doesn’t do very much for me. If I were walking around inside one of these, I’m sure I’d appreciate it more.

But what if this technique could be used to generate narratives from huge data sets?

Something like the Enron email archive would be an easy example- but what might it look like, I wonder, if you fed all the various drafts of the source code to a really complicated piece of software, like Windows?

Ive heard programmers say that its much harder to read code than it is to write it. And that’s why debugging software is such an expensive challenge. That seems like an ergonomics problem which could be improved a lot if the code could be made more readable.

The ancient core dumps printed out from before operating systems even existed… they would make good material for this guy’s approach.

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