How babies get here


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Incidentally, the Charlotte in question has reproduced the explanation, this time in horizontal video if that was the sticking point for some people.


I saw this the other day. Yes, I learned something too. Very neat.


Awesome demonstration! Can’t wait to try this out with our kids.


Wait, I have three kids and don’t remember it being so difficult to get the “ping pong ball” into the “balloon”. Hell, we got two in on the first try!


What is the point of bringing babies into the world anyway, if it’s a world where people shoot videos in portrait mode?

NB I’m being whimsical, there’s actually nothing wrong with portrait video, and in fact it’s better if you’re watching on a phone, as many people do.


I never knew…


Am I alone in thinking it could be more fun with a little confetti?


Now, for increased accuracy, imagine that the balloon tears around 90% of the time you do this.


That’s not accurate at all. The balloon, or uterus does not tear. But I’m curious about your personal experience and intrest on the subject, care to share?


Maybe they are referring to the vaginal tearing that sometimes occurs? Or some times cut.


… stuck is a word we don’t like to have associated with childbirth, so …



I guess I’m just reacting to the video’s depiction of the process as simple and over in an instant.

I was staggered when I read the article I linked. There’s a huge number of women affected by this, and we just don’t talk about it.


It was not meant to depict childbirth, only the way that uterine muscles function.

Women and doctors have always been aware, and for most, only a couple of stitches are required. This isn’t a new thing.


Great video. This may not be appropriate to say, but I’m going to say it. I think the woman in the video is lovely and quite attractive. I hope Charlotte learned as much as I did from this video.


My son’s head was stuck for about 30 minutes…Thank god I had the epidural. The epi wasn’t working completely on me so I could still feel the incredible and weird pressure of it, but thankfully not the pain of it. Magic midwife called in a ton of nurses to move my legs into a certain position and he finally came out, had he not after that try they would have surgically removed him.


That was completely fascinating. I had no idea. A tiny human being has exited my body, but I never went through labour at all. And I did have childbirth classes booked but I couldn’t attend those classes.


Only if you are in an English Speaking country, apparently. Countries where the majority of babies are delivered at home with a midwife have much lower perineal tearing rates overall – though in some low resource countries in particular it’s a matter of fewer overall tears, but much, much worse tearing when it does happen.

By the way… “some data suggests 95% of women had no tearing in the 1800s.” (emphasis mine)


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