How coronavirus impacts climate change and the US housing market

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Just waiting for the apocalypse at this point


tRump co. will do zero if a full on out break happens, think zombie apocalypse with TGOP running the show, it ain’t pretty.


Well, he will stop White House Tours if the Wuhan gets too close.

Maybe he’ll move out if somebody there gets sick.


I just texted that to Satan, he’s working on it.


Thanos was a dumb fu#&, if you have to power to do anything make every solar system have a habitable planet, is idea was stupid.

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If we’re going to do that gruesome math, we should also include the losses, both present-day and future, from climate inaction. And by losses I mean people killed.


" But there has to be a better solution than spreading a pandemic, and frowning at the ways it hurts the wealthy."

There is a difference between pointing out other effect of a pandemy and advicating starting one. Of course a business journal writes about how Covid-19 affects the economy, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the human suffering, only that there are plenty of other articles about that.

There is a reason he was called “The mad titan”, but arguably the Avengers created an even worse disaster by bringing everything back to life several years later.

Maybe, but in comics death is never permanent and time/reality fuckery is a common occurrence

I absolutely recognize that difference. But if I’m going be honest, I just felt like I had to include some sort of caveat here because I didn’t want someone to read this and think that I myself was advocating for Thanos-style genocide.

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