How corporations avoid identity crisis


I’ve never had the opportunity to work on a full-scale corporate identity program, but the best of them are really amazing/impressive to go through, if you’re into that sort of thing.

You know how else they avoid identity crises? By oppressing their workiers and deceiving their customers, in fine Capitalist tradition. If they stopped, just for a moment, most corporations would vanish like a dream at dawn. Where does a dream go when the dreamer awakens? I’m pretty sure it’s not heaven.


It’s not just Evil Capitalist Corporations that use Design & Identity manuals. Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and pretty much any other kind of large entities generally have published standards for what their stuff should look like. If you want to keep any kind of cohesive brand image for your organization you can’t have hundreds of graphic designers around the world just winging it from one project to the next.

I write one of these things for just about every organization I do branding work for. If it’s a small business then their graphic standards manual might be just a few pages, but it’s still important to have some guidelines to adhere to if they want to present themselves in a professional manner.

Oh, I know, but that was so much fun to write.

You could standardize that thought in the form of a mission statement and trademark key taglines to help establish a strong brand identity.


*Where does a dream go when the dreamer awakens?™*


They can’t take my identity crises until they pry it from my reflexive, reflective, transcendence.

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