Modern-day logos that look awfully similar to older logos from different companies


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To be expected. The phase-space of instantly distinguishable meaningful shapes is limited.


This just illustrates one of the reasons why copyright regarding design and art is for the most part ridiculous. Very few ideas are truly original, everything is based and built on past ideas/concepts and putting strict limitations on reusing and remixing hinders progress.


is spencer chen associated with the designer who wrote this blog entry: - because if not… you know, just sayin’


Perhaps they picked their logos up on Fiverr.


These seem much more like glyphs than logos!


Waitwaitwait – something’s being lost here. I don’t know which specific complaints Spencer Chen is responding to, but knowing that Aliexpress is home to unlicensed Chinese knockoffs, and mass produced versions of Etsy-type designs that have gone viral, I’m guessing we’re supposed to say, “Hey, nothing’s new under the sun,” and not support the rights of designers? This logo argument seems specious to me. I wish this blog entry was balanced by showing the examples of design theft that are in the complaints.


Alibaba and the 40,000,000 knockoff designers. Not limited to Alibaba.


well said and very true. intellectual property is stealing from the commons to supposedly encourage creation and innovation, problem is it has been proven to do the exact opposite. yet we keep it because money. :sob:


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