Some designers are grieving over Squarespace's logo design tool


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But, but, technology was only supposed to replace the people below me… Fuck you, the future!


Am I missing something? I only see 32 logo shapes to choose from…

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type “ham” in the search window above those icons.


In fact, typing “ham” in a search window is widely accepted to be the best way to start any design project.


Plenty of people are never going to pay out of pocket for a quality website, ever. It’s part of the reason we have so much linkrot, and so many broken wordpress “sites” out there. Eventually, you’ll be able to recognize a Squarespace logo a mile away, and the novelty will have worn off.


There are plenty of folks with crummy logos, lousy websites and utterly hideous printed materials. It doesn’t actually interfere with my ability to make a living making those kinds of things. When it comes to low cost design, sometimes you get what you pay for, but sometimes you luck out.

This is true:

Acceptance: “The people making a logo in Squarespace weren’t going to hire you anyway. At least now they have a simple tool to use.”

They may not high art, but they do beat “word art” so at least there’s that. The ubiquity of digital printing has made some of the more arcane aspects of logo design (separations for spot color printing, primarily) less of an issue. But, good luck getting that logo to look nice on a pen :-). That might be outdated to many people but it’s still popular.


Thanks, I’m a little dull today. “Pork” yielded no results.

Just use this tool for your clients. What - need a new logo - let me cook that up for you. Bip, bap, bing.

You see because the popsicle looks like a butt.


Wow, such creativity!


Seems to be a little buggy. I only get an orange triangle for my icon. The only text in what I assume is the icon selection box in the sidebar is “No Icon” and searches don’t turn up anything. Then again, it is a very nice orange triangle.

Edit: it turns out the icons are there, they just aren’t visible for me somehow. If I click in the sidebar I see the icon appear in the center. Now that I see them, I see that these are The Noun Project icons. Clever idea. Probably no coincidence that this shows up the same day The Noun Project announced their premium upgrade offering.


Am I missing something here? Squarespace seems to be a web hosting company with some added services.

Their logo designer seems to give you a few pieces of clip art and lets you put a name and subtitle next to them in a standardized font, with a watermark tag if you’re not a paying customer. I’ve seen clip-art painters around since the IBM PC was new. I could see designers getting upset if it only came in Comic Sans or something, but otherwise it’s not much different from getting clip-art backgrounds when I got checks printed back in the 1970s.

Is there something special that I’m just not catching?

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I don’t get it. Yes, you can type “ham” and get the ham. But how are you supposed to know that? I don’t see a way to just show all the icons available rather than playing guessing game on what might exist. Besides it looks like some of the icons are abstract. Maybe they have names, but what are they?


If the work you do can be easily replicated by a simple web app you need to get better at your job.

  1. This is meh… tools that make making things easier are universally a good thing. People are going to DIY it depending on the project and their budget, so why any serious designer would be pissed about this is beyond me.

  2. Vector shapes and icons are a thing you can already load into photoshop and make the same thing, with very little knowledge.

  3. Protip for turning the free .png into a vector: import into Illustrator and use image trace. voila! free vector logo.


True, but there are many people - and this is by no means limited to designers - who are convinced that their jobs should come with benefices. In their opinion they are somehow owed certain markets including the low-hanging fruit. They accept competition from their peers on a reasonably level playing field, but outsiders can upset their imagined natural order of the world.

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The second company I worked for had a logo that looked almost exactly like the Realtor® logo. I, a programmer, designed a better one and replaced it in a version of our software. My boss hated it, telling me he paid a graphic designer $8,000 to come up with the crap that we had.

I decided then that I was probably in the wrong field.


It needs more… zazz. Is there a starburst option?

It’s not a tool; it’s a TOY.