How did this thing end up in a guy's car?


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Chemtrail activists want Marriott hotels to remove wall art

I was wondering where I left that.


Go for a drive and huck it out the window.

They’ll find it and in the meantime you get to act like you didn’t know anything about it. Things fall off. Oh well.


Stick it to a cab!

Or a long haul truck


that was my first thought as well.


Place in Faraday cage, await curious visitors.



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Take it as a warning that whatever shit you’re up to, other people know it too.


Do what the last guy who found it did - stick to some random car at the grocery store.


If it were me, looks like some handy magnets. Probably a nice battery and other useful parts in side. Free Stuff! What could you make with that?


I thought about that, but then that would let Them know that you found it and the next time they’d be sneaky as hell.

Tossing it on the side of the road however, just means it done falled off and They would just put another yellow box on that you could find easily.


They might even make it another color than yellow next time.


Sell it on eBay. After all, it’s on your car, it must be yours.


Make sure to drive only to Los Pollos Hermanos and then back home every day. Don’t take any detours to visit Hector. Do that and you should be fine.

(Stolen from the comments in the original link)


Seems very likely that it fell off a freight vehicle and happened to be picked up by yours traveling down the road. I’d send it to the local electronics recycling facility.


There are a lot of things you could do with it, but the big problem is why is it on your car.

That is something only you and “they” know (or maybe only “they” know, and you’re just a normal guy who didn’t do anything that warrants being tracked.)


Or just wrap it in aluminum.

That should be enough to kill the signal, right?


Only if grounded. I’s really not a big deal anyway as it’s an RFID tag. they aren’t capable of being used over large distances. This is not the type of device you track a car with.


Mine’s got one, too. It’s really handy. When I can’t remember where I parked my car, I simply call the police and ask where it is.


Stick it on some other random person’s car. Because that person will have plausible deniability.