How do I "reply as linked topic" to an already-existing topic (instead of a new topic)?

If you want to reply, but know it belongs in another topic, you can reply as linked topic and create a brand-new off-topic discussion without rousing The Dragon.

But… what if there’s already an appropriate thread? WHAT THEN!!!


##Here’s how I do it:

  1. Click reply as linked topic
  2. Copy the contents of the new message
  3. Cancel the creation of the new topic
  4. Go to the already-existing-topic and paste into new message
  5. ???

The original message in the original topic will contain a side-link to the new message in the other topic.


Is there an easier method?

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Best I can do is,

  1. Reply as new topic
  2. Type stuff
  3. Go to topic you really want to reply to
  4. Copy composer into clipboard
  5. Hit reply and choose abandon
  6. Paste contents

Steps 4/6 are high friction, we could do better here, though I am not sure how common the issue is.

This all seems pretty confusing; why not just paste a link to the source topic in your reply to the destination topic?

Every link to a topic generates automatic bidirectional links in the right gutter.

Because replying to the “source topic” would be off-topic, the obvious method of replying “out of band” is provided on the right.

Your example presumes we already have found the source topic as we are composing, which is hardly conducive to the fleeting thought process (mine, anyway).

Oh I see, so you discover the duplicate topic in the process of doing Reply as Linked Topic. I understand. In that case I would copy out my reply in progress into the clipboard, and paste it into a reply on that newly discovered topic.

Any kind of link works to connect topics!

Yes, we’re just trying to see if there’s a solution that takes fewer steps. 5/6 seems to be the minimum (depending upon atomicity).

So, like, post the exact URL of the comment to which you intend to reply into the new topic?

I’ve misunderstood this haven’t I?

The 100 metres link is just this pasted into a new comment in that topic:

(The SOL link is completed as suggested in your comment above(/below?)).

Don’t you just hit reply, type your response then go to the thread you want to comment in and hit reply, then select that one?

Isn’t it all automagically linked?

My brain!

  • So, I open this frame to type a reply to you.

  • Go to the new topic, with this reply frame still open,

  • Hit reply

  • Select… ‘one’?

    Sorry, as I’ve previously complained, my brain is bad.

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Hey, that’s good. I forgot about that.

Still not intuitively obvious.

I don’t even know what I wrote… does that work?!?

OK testing with this comment and SOL again.

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