Clicking "quote" in a closed topic does not quote

Continuing the discussion from Reply as linked topic no longer quotes original post:

…nothing happens.

(No, this isn’t a contradiction; I constructed that quote manually)

When you highlight text in a closed topic, and click “Quote” or “Reply as linked topic,” it just gives you the “Continuing the discussion from…” text; it doesn’t quote whatever you highlighted.

…And while testing this, I ran across another bug… If you have a “Reply as linked topic” composition window already open, and you open another Discourse window and try to do a “Reply as linked topic” in that topic, the new composition window will populate with the “Continuing the discussion from…” from the topic you’re in, and then append whatever is in the other composition window.

The “not quoting highlighted text in closed topics” is happening in both Chrome mobile on Android Lollipop, and Chrome desktop on Windows 10.


Yeah, I noticed this the other day when discussing the change to inactive topic expiry. Happened on both Safari on an iPad 2 running iOS 10 and Firefox on a Windows 7 machine.

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I can confirm this behaviour too on Android Marshmallow (6.0), Chrome 56.0.2924.87 (current release version)

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I’ll let the @discourse folks know.

That is correct, we changed the behavior a while ago, so that is as designed.

Nothing to see here, then?

I have a feeling folks are questioning the design… It doesn’t seem to make much sense to me that it wouldn’t preserve the quote in the created topic.


We felt linking was sufficient in this case.

You can always highlight and press quote after the editor is up, if you want to add extra quoting.

But… it’s a “quote” button? I get the reply as linked topic not quoting, sure - but the quote button not quoting?



I don’t understand why you’d take useful functionality out, especially since it’s only a shortcut anyway, really. And it’s functionality I’d use. Like I wanted to today, when I had a follow-up to an expired post of Rob’s, but I couldn’t easily link it.

If you really want to restrict that quoting function, then get rid of the button too.


I agree. From a UX perspective, having a button not do what you expect is worse than not having it at all IMO.


It does quote, if the editor is up in that circumstance.


  1. Reply as new topic to bring up the editor, via the link button on a post
  2. Select what you wanna quote and press the quote button

This is specific to replying as a linked topic.

Maybe then the "Quote button shouldn’t appear until the editor is active.

Gotcha! Yay for the intricacies of UX design. :slight_smile:

It is a bit of a catch-22 on a closed topic. You want intent to start a new topic to be strong and literal and explicit, not “oops I quoted someone and made a whole new topic.”

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