Bug in the quote feature?

Four or five times in the last week, this has happened to me.

  • I highlight all or part of another user’s text and click on the “Quote” button.
  • The quote appears at the top of the draft window.
  • I write my response and click on “Reply”.
  • My reply appears, but the quoted text has vanished.

If I edit and highlight the original text again, I can insert the quote and it remains in my reply.

Has anyone else seen this?

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Was it the post immediately above your reply? Because Discourse removes quotes from the post right above your reply.


that was the case on a quote-reply i did the other day.

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It was on the last occasion. I can’t remember if that was true of the earlier ones.

I see a problem with the removal of quotes. What if I want to reply to a single sentence or phrase in a long post, or to reply separately to several portions of the post? I can get around it, of course, by going back and inserting the quoted text.

Thanks for the explanation.

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To be clear, this only happens if you quote the ENTIRE TEXT of what was posted directly above your reply.



Edit: Yep, it works. (Left off the period at the end of your reply.)

That covers my earlier objection. As usual, Discourse has thought of everything. Thanks for the explanation.


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