Reply as linked topic no longer quotes original post

Unless the snowpocalypse gave me shoveling-induced-brain-damanage, “Reply as linked topic” used to quote the entire replied-to topic, as well as providing a link to the replied-to topic.

Now it only provided a link to the replied-to topic.

For me, anyway – Firefox 43

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Yeah that’s by design, we found link + quote was too busy / noisy. So now it’s just the link.

You can add quotes as needed of course.


When creating a new topic, having the original post as context is pretty darn useful.

So it goes.


There’s a lot of stuff we’re doing to pull elements away and simplify Discourse. Over the years, as we plow onward from 2013, I’ve realized we put in too much “stuff” originally and a lot of it is not necessary.

The BB homepage is actually a great role model in this regard and IMHO correct. (We had nothing to do with the revised BB design but I give it a big :+1:)

Just as a reminder, if you highlight text from a reply and then click or tap “reply as linked topic”…

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Which reminds me - why no create/reply-as linked topic on mobile?

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also, a fair number of newer users seem to accidentally use RALT as “Reply” when the thread is sill open. Rarely, but…

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