How do you measure the dust in space?




That’s amazing stuff. But I’ll be really impressed when I see an electron microscope image of interstellar dust, like the stuff we look at with our radio telescopes.


Wasn’t there supposed to be a NASA mission that was supposed to capture some ?? As I recall, the program was called “Stardust” and they were going to capture it with aerogel. . .


Yep, there was:


That’s pretty awesome, making up a whole new unit of measure. And to think, until now it was impossible to measure the mass of dust, in kilograms, for example. Huzzah for the zodi!


The zodi is not to be confused with the dodie.


Other lesser-known units of measurement come from notable figures such as Isaac Asimov, who proposed that the amount of pure beauty required to launch a single ship will be called the “milliHelen”, and the amount of pure beauty to sink a single ship is, of course, “-1mH”.

Douglas Adams and John Lloyd proposed that the minimum distance at which sheep still look picturesque is about 1.4km, or “1 Sheppey”.

There’s still arguement between the difference between “buttload” and “buttmess”, one predating the metric system, and the other being merely unpleasant.


I believe the metric equivalent is the “metric shitton.”


In Europe, known as the “Shittonne”.


My favorite unit is the “Sagan”.

What is a Sagan, you ask ?

Why, it’s Billllllllllllions and Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilions. . . . . :wink:


As opposed to the English “crapload” unit ???


What’s a “henweigh”?


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