How do you post preformatted text without syntax highlighting


@codinghorror, explanation please - what’s the control character for changing the text colour in a not otherwise specified code block? and why does markdown tries to beautify(?) an undefined code block at all?

NYT: If you see gibberish on a computer screen, it might be terrorist encryption software

Pretty obvious from the diff, isn’t it?

I suggest 4 space indent if you don’t want syntax highlighting. You know, “preformatted text” vs “source code”.

  __/   -*-
,d08b.  '|`

does not really work.
eta: does not work in the preview

and I still don’t see how the text colour change works, but I’m

stupid : D


4 space indent works fine… ctrl+shift+c is the keyboard shortcut. That code might be a little confused by the fact that this bomb has an “indent” built in.

  __/   -*-
,d08b.  '|`

But typing spacespacespacespace in front of each line worked fine for me!


see my edit: the preview does not display it correctly (maybe browser related?), but it works in the thread view

  __/   -*-
,d08b.  '|`


Almost certainly not the correct number of spaces. Looks fine in my preview. Count the red dots with me, won’t you?


This, by the way, is what being a programmer is. Ultra-pedantry all the time. It’s a fucking living nightmare. Don’t listen to these idiots telling people that everyone should become a programmer. Please. For the children. :baby:


I’m not sure what you are trying to show me: My post above displays the bomb correctly in the thread view, the screen shot of the edit/preview window is the exact view I had shortly before I pressed reply.

wrong thread? : P


Preview looks correct in my browser (Chrome/Windows)


blargh, I replied while you were cutting the thread in half

second try:

interesting, discourse has no love for Linux/Firefox? (just kidding)

[found it: if I copy the whole thingy with 4 spaces indent the preview does not work, but if I add them manually later it is displayed fine]


So I made a good decision to never ever do coding for a living then?
Though I seem to have still fallen into the general IT support hell career.


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