Formatting on some #boing posts looks really bad

I’ve been noticing on some recent posts in #boing (but not all) that formatting is really bad. There’s lots of white space between lines and other oddness.

Here’s some examples:

I’m not sure if this is a problem with the source posts, or with the WP plugin but I figured someone should look at it.

Interestingly it largely clears up when I click “Show Full Post”. Maybe this is a Discourse bug?

This is a change Ken and Rob have been working on.




I’ll talk to @beschizza about it today. I sort of came into this in the middle and need some context.


Thanks. Hopefully the change isn’t “make #boing posts look like crap” and this is just an unfortunate side effect of whatever Rob’s working on. :slight_smile:

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Okay took a few posts, but umm the post is actually showing up and show full post makes it go away.

Lets just put it back.

I would, but I need to find out from Rob what he originally changed!

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Other than the odd behavior with show full post it is looking better in general for me anyway.

What is “it” that generally looks better? Nothing else has changed that I’m aware of.

People do have very vivid imaginations in internet forumland, but maybe there are discourse elements that have changed.

Usually I have to hit show full post or just click out to the main site to see everything, now it seems to be the other way round.
Using windows 10 and Chrome for whatever that is worth.

This was almost certainly turning off the “Truncate embeds” option, which is now back on.

(Update: turns out it wasn’t that!)

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Hmm yeah you definitely want “truncate embeds” ON :white_check_mark:


Think Rob has it solved. :smiley:


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