These aesthetically pleasing “fruit cards” look good enough to eat

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On her Vegan-themed Instagram account Tropically Lina, Lina Saber uploads a delightful series called “fruit cards” where she arranges produce on paint card-style displays. I find these immensely satisfying to look at.



More fiber than a fruit smoothie.


I can’t just look at it!

I’m making fruit salad when I get home…


I was not aware dragon fruit could be served in ball form, but then it’s not often that I see dragon fruit being served at all.

The sectioned pomegranate looks like quite the trick as well. People don’t actually do anything with pomegranate in that form, do they? Maybe freak out the children on Halloween?

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depending on your perspective, the flavor of a dragon fruit is either so subtle or so bland as to be not worth eating out of hand, i generally slice it thinly and then pressure seal it with some kind of a light marinade for 5-10 minutes. mirin is good as is a mixture of lime juice and orange juice. diluted apple cider vinegar with a little brown sugar dissolved in it can add an interesting kick to it.

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Everyone needs a hobby. It looks like hers is playing with her food and sharing the images with a drooling an admiring public.

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I definitely fall into the latter category. Luckily a childhood of eating shitty cereal out of fabulous cartooned boxes prepared me for the most beautiful looking fruit possible tasting like… well… nothing.

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