Amazing ways to improve your fruit-preparation technique



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I say, just eat the kiwi skin and strawberry leaves and stop wasting time. (Now, the little hard nub on the end of the kiwi – that can go.)

Also, I have never been able to dislodge pomegranate seeds by spoon-whacking – though I admit I’ve never really tried stretching it out beforehand. Never mind your eyes – the juice has the potential to splatter everywhere, and it stains viciously.


Strawberries get ripe from the tip upward to the stem. If you use a straw to hull them, you may not be taking out all of the stem and unripe top – which you do want to get rid of – but you will be taking out the ripest, juiciest part at the tip. Also, you’re likely to squash the strawberry if it’s at the peak of ripeness.

A knife or grapefruit spoon at an angle can get the stem out more quickly and with less waste.


That watermelon technique was terrible. And those knife skills… good way to lose a finger.


Why do watermelons want to be cubed anyway? Just use a melon baller or ice cream scoop.


For the mango, cut the sides off as the video shows (do you know how to find where the seed is, and its orientation?) Cut to the rind, but not through in a criss-cross. Flip the rind inside out, and use the knife to cut the (now neatly cubed) mango off of the rind. This doesn’t do anything for the pulp around the edges of the seed, but that is where stringy fiber is mostly concentrated; you aren’t losing much.


You lose a lot more usable melon that way.


I just pull the leaves out with my hand and eat.If I’m lazy, Its easy not being picky.


Most of these methods look pretty messy. I actually enjoy taking the time to slice a fruit up properly and neatly.


Can’t get past the fact they are using dumb ceramic knives. Useless.


One cannot “eat fruit wrong” - one can only eat fruit wrongly. It’s not even like it can mean something else. I blame Apple for breaking the parts of speech.


I tried the mango one a few days ago, but with a tall plastic cup with thin walls and a wide top. It worked pretty well, better than with a glass. I did have to flip the mango over half way through though. This is more fun to eat though:

If I’m going to cube watermelons, I just cut it in half (or cut off as much as I want), then cut off the rind on a chopping board. Sometimes I’ll miss a little flesh, but never as much as they did, and never with as much mess or as unevenly.


Wow! That was a waaay ripe kiwi - far too sweet for my taste. When I eat 'em, I just core the hard end by cutting a cone shape out and then use a peeler to take off the skin.

Ripe strawberries are also easy to core - just pull all the leaves away from the fruit and then cut a cone shape out. The core is tougher than the fruit you’re interested in eating, and it’ll pop right out.

Also - they seemed think people only have knives in their kitchens. I don’t recommend a lot of specialized equipment, but if you’re trying to prep a lot of fruit, it helps to have a peeler. Vegetable peelers and fruit peelers are different because they have different blades. Veggie peelers have smooth blades to get the best cut on root vegetables like carrots and potatoes. Fruit peelers are serrated - so they can grip the thin skin without damaging the fruit. Here’s an example of a set.

For the mango and melon, I agree with @jsroberts.

Wikihow has a way of eating pomegranate that I really want to try. It uses a cold water bath to loosen the seeds - so it may be the neatest way to remove them out there! I haven’t tried it, so I can’t vouch for it - but I have a recipe for pom jelly, so I may be trying it.


Are people not familiar with this for removing strawberry tops?


Clearly Jardine, you and I have vastly different philosophies on what belongs in a kitchen.


To be fair, using a knife does tend to get a little tedious after the first 20 pounds or so of strawbs. :strawberry:
And a straw just leads to distracting strawberry-core-shooter fights. Jam-making at Schloss Martian is rowdy enough as it is.

How to decapitate strawberries with the push of a button

I shape the toenail on one of my big toes to the perfect shape and then sit down with a big bowl of berries… A quick twist of the berry is all it takes, so after a short Netflix/tube/etc binge I am ready for my guests.

I haven’t seen any mention of my favorite kiwi eating method. Just cut the kiwi in half and use them as little bowls – spooning their guts into my gaping maw.

5-word scary stories

The question is, what tool do you use to shape the toenail?


Just my teeth.


Appropriately minimalist then. Carry on.