How to decapitate strawberries with the push of a button

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I know a guy that eats the entire apple, core, seeds, etc. Maybe the coolest guy I know. His name is Mike.

That is all.


If you start at the bottom rather than the side, you never even notice there’s a core at all.


I once watched a guy eat an orange like an apple - peel, seeds, and all. The rest of the neighborhood kids were as horrified as I was…


He was not from Earth.



Even better than this one use tool is the humble straw. Just shove it through on axis from the tip side and the greens just pop right off. We use compostable straws at our house so if one gets mangled in the process you just toss it in the green bin and move onto the next one. Wash it up when finished and use it in your beverage of choice.

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But that is where 99.9999997% of the nutrients are located, might as well not eat the strawberry at all

I once watched a guy eat an onion like an apple. He was the Prime Minister at the time.


David Souter, retired SC justice, was known to do this. I do as well, though I have not as yet been elevated to any higher court.


To get back to the OP, I’m not a huge fan of sponsored links, but…

This thing is the real deal. Speaking as a mom who had to pack a lot of lunches for a lot of years, once you get used to how it works, this will be your best friend for life.

The straw ‘hack’? Gets rid of the sweetest part of the strawberry, and doesn’t always remove the actual hull & stem well.

Using a knife: more wastage, and more work, and you’ve got something sharp in your hand while you’re trying to do 6 things at once and thus are harried.

This is one of those single-use items that really is worth having.


I find it baffling that there are people that think there is an undesirable part of a strawberry…


I have one, and, pace Alton Brown, I comfort myself by also using it to neatly “core” Roma tomatoes for tomato basil pasta sauce; it’s fast, it’s effective, and it saves me from the crime of the single-use tool.


Eh. I’ll stick with the little metal tweezers I already have. They work fine, are smaller and have less moving parts to break.

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I was just about to recommend those. Cheap and they work.

No love for the corer spoon? Toothy fun!

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Triple use - remove tracking bugs from your paranasal sinuses!



You could also address the single use problem by removing strawberry tips with your for extinguisher, but I suppose there are some practical problems with that legalistic solution.

From the foul lies that came out of his mouth I suspect Abbott was using it as a breath freshener.


I still have my old school model for this, and am hesitant to discard it, but don’t think it’s delicate enough for strawberry pruning : nose

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Have used mine about a dozen times. It is faster than a knife, but me and a friend gave ours up when we realized it takes much more of the pulp out than careful knife work. And if you are prepping strawberries you probably already have the knife out for something else so this is just one more thing to wash.

But we usually cook for ourselves only. I could see this being a godsend for a large family.