Kickstarting a metal, reusable, self-extracting straw


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Wouldn’t a straw made out of a conductive metal change the taste of whatever you were drinking?


@doctorow Except it’s called the final straw. Not last.


I would think some. Did you ever use aluminum tumblers? I didn’t have them at my house, but did at my friends. Koolaid tasted weird, but also cool.


Daily Heil? No thanks.


Straw hate is real, and the mermaid theme was inspiring.


So no discount for 5?


There’s still a rubber sleeve inside the straw itself, which can wear out, why not just buy a normal metal straw? Or do one better and just drink your drink straight from the cup and skip the step of having someone manufacture crapware that has no real purpose.


Or just drink out of a cup like the crazy people we all are?



Hate straws - and not only because of the environmental impacts. I’m a big kid now and can actually drink liquid from a glass without spilling.

I go to a restaurant and the waiter/waitress serves us water then throws down a handful of straws which go unused. I assume they just get tossed when they clean up the table. Why not ask if I want one first? Senseless and wasteful.



Also at home i have two of these, never ever actually used them and still feel these were a better purchase



Not hispter enough. we need to go full hipster.

*I do think these look dope though


Also, full Ninja, for when you are lying in wait underwater.




Came to say this.

Seems like there’s little benefit to making it collapsible or putting it in a cute case, and the environmental impact will be greatly reduced by the energy required to make the thing.

This seems like a highly over engineered solution to a simple problem. Stainless steel tubing can be had for a couple bucks per foot. Buy 12 ft and a tubing cutter, and your set on drinking straws for the rest of your life.


That was my idea! That’s it! That’s the final straw!


Every seam is 360 degrees of opportunities for small air leaks. Have they never experienced a cracked plastic straw?


Agreed. Why insert a Daily Hate video when there must be one on the Kicksterter page … is this the only source of the weird mermaid presentation?