This stylish bracelet transforms into a reusable straw

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Well that sounds sanitary!


I too have some issues with possible bacteria & pathogen contamination.

As well I think a warning to place it on the non-hiney wiping appendage is in order.


Plastics are not the solution to our plastics problem.

Simple concept.


At dinner the other night the question came up - what very popular or taken-for-granted facet of American life do you just not get? And my answer (among others like Rolex watches and the Foo Fighters) was straws! I don’t understand why everyone wants to drink out of a straw. I see the utility for the injured or sick, but I will just guzzle my drink from the edge of the cup, thank you very much.


If your immune system is compromised, the danger is that most restaurant beverage ware is not all that clean, and may have germs from being moved around by the (unwashed??) hands of several different employees.


Then you would have to place and remove it with the hiney-wiping appendage, no?




I always assumed most people only have one.


Then you’ve never met a KKKpublican.


The straw’s patented dual-functionality allows it to be used as often as desired in Straw Mode. But, should the product’s sucking functionality go disused for a certain period of time, the product reverts to being an artisanal mildew/fungus collector.

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So basically a rubber hose with a more aesthetically pleasing connector. Don’t think I’d want to drink out of it cause it sounds like it’s going to get gross pretty quick. Unless that connection is well made you can expect the slow ingress of sweat etc over the course of wearing it.


This stylish bracelet transforms into a reusable straw
Hmm, I misread that as a “reusable saw”; that sounded far more hardcore.

Why are they putting their hands on the inside and rim of the cup? If they’re not washing their hands the cup is the least of your worries. I’d worry more about the food they are handling.

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So you take off a bracelet, wash it, drink through a floppy curved straw, wash it again and put it back on?

This product is single use plastic waste.

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This is f**cking gross.

Handy to carry around, but I’d rather not drink through a rubber tube that can gather mold if you’re not careful.

If you don’t mind single-use, the most eco-friendly option is what folks used to use in Days of Olde - rye grass straw. I mean, they’re called straws for a reason!

Obviously not an option if you’re allergic to rye grass, but real straws are abundant, always in season, and require minimal processing to make.

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