You can eat these drinking straws

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“Loliware”? “Lolistraw”? Tag line “Eat me”?!

I guess that makes sense if their other product lines are dating simulators and body pillows.


The “500 million straws” figure appears to be unsubstantiated.

Edit: Very few restaurants or company cafeterias are liable to pay over half a buck each for these crowdfunded straws. Anyone who really thinks that changing straws will save the planet can get these right now for < 5 cents each -


Or you could, you know, just use actual straw. Rye grass is renewable and biodegradable. I remember getting a Coke served with an actual straw like that in the 70s, in Austria or maybe Hungary, and suddenly realizing “oh, so this is how straws were originally made…”


If it was a Coke it was probably Austria, if it was a Pepsi it was probably Hungary.
Then VP Nixon got Nikita Khrushchev to drink a Pepsi at the opening of the American National Exhibition at Sokolniki Park in Moscow (July 1959). After that, Pepsi could do business behind the iron curtain.


How much of a public health concern is using straw?

No, you can eat these drinking straws!


oh man, the top thread on that skeptic forum got me. My brain read it in the mode of most forum posts, a-la “Has anyone here tried the new X?”

Don’t know, but if you can use corn husks for tamales, I imagine you could use analogous methods to make sure straw is ok for food use


Cool. A decision tree to reflect how much I hate myself at the moment. Do I pick vanilla with my coke, or charcoal?

Red Vines are more expensive, but fun.

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Personally, I hate straws, so not using them is my bit to reduce their use.

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Why don’t you look a turtle in the eye with that fucking sneer, pal.

Have a lovely day!

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