How to decapitate strawberries with the push of a button


Use a melon baller. Serrated model with a small end for things like strawberries. I use it for tomatoes, getting the ribs off peppers, scooping out seeds of cucumber (you can make little cups out of cucumbers or zucchhini). and of course mellon balls. Or potato balls poached in butter. (re use the butter to make ghee)

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But then you lose the fruit’s convenient leafy green handle! That’s assuming these are for snacking and not for baking.


Can it core a apple?


It’s going to be really tricky to find anything as good as @crenquis toenail. Amazing ways to improve your fruit-preparation technique


I have this tool at home… So easy to use and awesome! The cored strawberries last longer in the fridge post decapitation

Of course not. This is the definition of a unitasker.

What you want for coring things like apples and pears is a cordless drill with a 3/4 inch spade bit. Could probably do strawberries with a 1/4 inch bit.


Mark is sort of the antimatter Alton Brown.


A drinking straw works very well with less unitaskers cluttering up the drawer.

A straw guarantees that you take out the sweetest, juiciest part of the strawberry. No thanks.

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I just use a paring knife. Its a lot quicker IF you don’t mind losing a little extra fruit by just clipping the whole tip off. If’n you want to get a neat, hollowed out berry, with maximum fruit remaining then this is probably your best bet. I’ve used some notably awful strawberry hullers during childhood hulling parties. There’s these atrocious little metal pincers that don’t work for shit.

Aren’t you supposed to pull the core out of the straw, then bite off the juicy part and discard the green thing?


while I 100% agree on paring knife? my 8 yr old LOVES the huller tool thingey (on the spectrum, tools are awesome!)

i’m able to cut as fast with knife as he is with tool, but I think I leave more of the strawb there.

who knows, tomato tomato


That’s going to be embarrassing to explain at the emergency room.

If only as homage to late 90s N64 gaming, I propose the cerebral bore as an obvious solution to this problem.

Warning: keep away from your eyes~          :eyes:

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Yours is the much better instrument. Much more versatile. Here’s a down and dirty way to clarify butter. Cook til it separates well, let stand and then just put the (hopefully small) pot in the freezer. Soon you can just scrape off the milk solids. This won’t get you ghee, but it will get you very close to clarified butter.

It’s still a unitasker, but there’s a type of huller that’s smaller, cheaper, has fewer moving parts to break, and I suspect works just as well:

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I hear that all the time.

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