10 kitchen tools you may not know about

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Hey, you go ahead and use your strawberry huller. I use a grapefruit spoon to hull my strawberries – and then I use my banana slicer to slice them.

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Impressive? More like utterly dissapointing


Your periodic reminder that all(?) twist-handle style can openers can be used flat as well, to cut the rim. You don’t have to buy a specialty one to do that. And it is indeed a better way to open cans!

I have that smooth edge can opener and feel the need to make a clarification:

It doesn’t cut the can, it just undoes the crimp that holds the lid to the can. Thus you can sort of recap the can if you have some remaining contents going into the fridge.

This is especially useful for small tomato paste cans to have handy, since rarely does the whole contents get used in one recipe.

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