Grocer offers stoneless avocados to avoid 'avocado hand'


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Am I the only person who is able to slice an avocado with a butterknife? The goal never being to cut through the pit but to, you know, cut a slice of the avocado and eat it.


I don’t know if this is such a problem considering it’s pretty easy to cut an avocado. Maybe don’t try to cut it open so fast?


I was thinking that too. The skin isn’t that tough and even a slightly under ripe avocado isn’t that stiff so it should be easy to cut with a butterknife.


Yeah, everytime I see these posts about people cutting their hands slicing avocados it’s a little astounding. I mean, how come ‘potato hand’ isn’t a thing?


For crying out loud, it’s not that complicated.

  1. Halve avocado with chef knife
  2. Whack edge of knife into pit
  3. Twist & remove


The stone usually takes up around a quarter of the fruit and is always difficult to remove

Are you serious?


This is the most alien description of eating a boiled egg I’ve ever read.

This is making my mind swell with frustration, to the point where I’m sure this must be an inside joke about avocados or england or Marks & Spencer or something, but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out.


This is pretty much my MO. Cut the fruit in half, then use butter knife to cut slices around the pit and then use said slices. Or i cut a 3rd of the fruit off and that bit pops off without the pit, and then use butter knife to get my slices.


Embrace the avocado hand!

  1. Avocados are gross.

  2. They should have gone extinct when the mega-fauna who used to eat and distribute their seeds went extinct.

  3. This smacks of those infomercial fails, where people can’t seem to do basic tasks with out the help of the new fangled gadget.


We Californians are still alive and well, thank you very much.


It’s an east coast/west coast thing. On the east coast we cut ourselves slicing bagels.


In the Midwest we have enough sense to cut away from ourselves.




When one sustains “Avacodo Hand” at what point in the process are they maiming themselves? The initial halving of of the fruit? Are they hacking at the pit with machete like fervor?

I feel like I could pick up a knife and avocado, having never seen either, and be able to figure out how to do this safely. Can we just not do anything with our hands anymore?


From what I understand, I think most of the maiming happens as people are slicing around the fruit, getting their holding-hand in the way of the knife as it rotates around.

I find it simplest to insert the knife and then hold it steady as I rotate the avocado.

Then whack the pit and pop it out.


Well… that move brings a swift, sharp blade to within an inch of your palm. Do it 1.000 times, preferably while drunk on margaritas (thanks, “cultural appropriation”), and you will get nasty, five-stitch+ cuts.

Also - robbing a plant of its reproductive system is seriously species-rape. (Cf. bananas and their blight.)


I think you just won some kind of BB bingo on a post about avocados.