In plant evolution terms, avocados shouldn't even exist


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God damnit. Now I want guacamole.


Me too. I had some avocado yesterday and it was lovely. I wonder how many wonderfully tasty plants reached their final expiration date before we got a chance to enjoy them. :frowning:


I keep hearing about how awesome the bananas of yesteryear were.

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There still are some amazing bananas but thy don’t travel well, unfortunately.


There are still some great bananas around, it’s just that the Cavendish banana is the main export banana. I’ve had really different tasting (i.e. better) and smaller bananas when I’ve stayed in Pacific Islands (Rarotonga and Samoa mostly).


I had some guac the other day that was divine. I’m generally an avocado, salt, touch of lime sorta guy. But the grilled onions and grilled tomatoes in this guacamole were so good.


Ever had avocados the South Asian way? They’re considered a sweet, not a savory. Quick dessert: mash avocado with sweetened condensed milk and sprinkle with that lovely crunchy sugar that’s a lot thicker than what’s sold in the U.S. Really yummy!

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What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Jebus. I can think I know something about something, then my mind is blown.

Ever grill avocados? Don’t, they become like a starchy potato without flavor.



I like mine with salt, lime, cilantro, and a little red or yellow raw onion. Maybe a pinch of garlic or jalapeno if I’m feeling naughty. As long as it’s all super fresh, it’s hard to go wrong.

And it’s gotta be super chunky. I’m not down with that smooth guacamole shit.


I like to just halve an avocado and pour some high-grade balsamic vinegar in the depression and eat with spoon. Ahhh!


I love me an avocado bubble tea. It’s a veritable meal in a cup because it’s so damn rich, but so tasty.


Oh hell’s yeah.

As an aside.

At work we get fruit and produce boxes. In one of them was an avocado, which I majestically consumed. But then I made a mistake–I have been trying to get the seed to crack and grow, but it is being stubborn.

All of my co-workers see my plant not growing. And I know it could take another month or two to germinate. I’ve gotta make this seed work, my CEO said to my face, “your plant is dead”. It’s not, it’s just resting :Di


Well, avocados found a new special relationship with lumbering beasts.

Apparently Osage oranges are also in the same category of “formerly eaten by megafauna and now cultivated by slightly smaller megafauna called humans”. However eating them would be a mouth full of latex. They smell nice though and are said to keep the bugs away.


My wife has a couple she’s trying to grow. The race is on.


So here’s the secret I discovered: florida avocados (the large, smooth, bright green ones) sprout much, much more quickly and easily than hass avocados (the smaller, dark, bumpy ones). I was always unsuccessful because hass avocados are the only ones my grocery store ever gets. About 3 years ago while visiting my mother, I picked up a florida while shopping for her and it sprouted within two weeks (!).

I went on a bit of an avocado bender and ended up growing about 8 plants for awhile. Eventually most were given away, or died from failed experimentation (I was trying to bonsai some of them), but one is still alive and kicking.


Sooooooo the tl;dr seems to be that avocados should have died out with the North American megafauna but were saved by human cultivation.

This doesn’t seem all that mysterious since the humans that showed up in North America pretty much drove the extinction of all the megafauna.