NY Times: "Add green peas to your guacamole." Entire Internet: "Fuck you."


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I hate avocado and like green peas…so I can only see this as a positive.

Of course people like playing the guess what’s in my 5 spice pound cake as well…and I hate coconut. Like “into the trash it goes” level of dislike.


Bring your peas anywhere near my guacamole, and I will stab you. You, and your stupid fucking peas.


You could add just about anything else to guacamole and make it work BUT god damn peas. And I like peas, but if you follow their advice you’re a monster. Add bacon or add roasted corn, anything but peas.


Paging Dr @japhroaig


Their idea is a travesty.

Guacamole -
Garlic - roasted is better
Green onion
Pinch of cumin


I’m not dismissing this totally out of hand until I hear what Jack White has to say on the topic.


The Grey Lady made the Internet sick to its collective stomach today when it told people to add green peas to guacamole

Bitch, peas.


Typical internet responses, “I haven’t tried it but I am sure it is bad.” The reality is this is not a new thing at all. It’s been around for awhile and It’s perfectly tasty. Personally I prefer a simple mashed with a fork style guacamole made from avocados, tomatoes, onion, jalapeño, lime, garlic, salt, and chile powder but peas aren’t as bad an addition as you would think.


Grey Lady? What is this, England?


Simple? Whaddayoulot mean by simple? Guacamole is mashed avacado. Now you need a bit of salt to season. And you need to add some citrus to stop oxidation. But that’s it. Anything else is a fancy Dan variation.

On the citrus a lemon lime mixture (in northern Europe) is closer to the Mexican taste.

Coriander and roasted garlic sheesh! You have a nerve to criticise the pea shenanigans with your fancy Dan variations.

That said I have seen fancy variations in various places in Mexico.


Sadly it looks like the story that Peter Mandelson thought that mushy peas were guacamole is fake.


People: mixing up food cultures occasionally results in really good shit. Chill the fuck out.


Please don’t stab me; Give peas a chance!


Apparently we are not as a people ready to accept Whirrled Peas


this deserves one, and only one response.

Have you seen THIS?

Chill the fuck out.

ewww. cold fuck is terrible! :wink:


“Disgusting third-rate vegetable” is not a food culture.


Frozen green pea-ness sounds disgusting in guacamole, but i don’t mind a 50/50 avocado marmite blend. i hear even @mindysan33 is a great fan of all things marmite.


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