"Taste the Rainbow" or "Licking the Luck Dragon"


Mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom!

amirite, @falcor?!!!


The cake is a lie


I eat Falcor cake and I’m proud
I used to be alone in a crowd
but now you look around these days
there seems to be a Luck Dragon craze!

I am Falcor, he is Falcor, she is Falcor
we’re all one with Falcor, wouldn’t you like to be a Falcor too?
I am Falcor, he is Falcor, she is Falcor
If you eat of the body of Falcor you are Falcor too!

Us Falcors are an interesting breed
an original taste is what we need
ask any Falcor and he’ll say
Only the body of Falcor tastes that way!



We are what we eat.




Is there a terrestrial, dragon version of a whale fall?

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