Falcor, oh Falcor




Well we know what someone is getting for Christmas this year @falcor


Falcor, the plush-your-luck dragon.


Don’t do that!


Almost anything?


challenge accepted!



He’s just going to eat it.


I’m sorry, but I seem to have missed the memo… Why is everyone using @ChickieD’s avatar? Is it an April fools thing? I keep getting confused thinking it’s ChickieD saying something when it’s actually @OtherMichael or @monkeyoh or @chgoliz or @Donald_Petersen


Forgive me, but would you like to ask this question again?


I’m not. That would be really confusing.


Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, she’s using my avatar?


I see. The confusion is for the sake of merriment. I suppose I can’t be too opposed to that.


For the record, they’re using MY avatar with @ChickieD’s magenta background.


Absolutely, categorically, fantastically untrue.

I’m using ChickieD’s avatar with your “bluebird” foreground.


I give up.


These make it soooo worthwhile!


Seriously though, I’m not joking about getting confused. I won’t throw a fit or anything. Just letting you guys know your plan worked.


Heh. “Plan.”


I prefer seeing this:

☭ Sup Marxists? ☭

Like most of the internet, we’re just making it up as we go along.