WTH Beschizza!

Pretty sure that real dragons aren't fuzzy

— Rob Beschizza (@Beschizza) July 4, 2014
You saying I'm fake?

You’re not a real dragon. According to the CIA Guidebook to Cryptogenic Species, you are caniformia, not reptilia.

I thought Falcor was automata?

Hey, look what I found!
Have a listen to Caniformia Dragons :slight_smile:
(from Brain Washer Records, no less)
Happy 4th!


Ask people who’ve been banned. Oh, wait…

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You listen to the CIA?

They listen to us, it’s only fair.


I got banned more than once in previous incarnations of comments does that count?

You were probably just disemvoweled or antigonized.

I hear luck dragons take decades to digest you.

Oh that snide nonsense happened too often to count. The current regime is far less snotty and slower to enforce the party line and thus I tip my hat to @falcor and any other current mods.

Not to me it didn’t.

But surely it must have been the staff here, and not someone that was being banned repeatedly, that was being snotty.

I am sorry the mean people hurt you. /s

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Keep this thread on topic: IT’S ABOUT ME, NOT YOU!


It is all about you!:heart:

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