The Great De-identified List of Ban-Reasons on

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You asked, you are receiving.

In the grand tradition of The Spreadsheet comes The Great De-Identified List of Ban-Reasons on, an anonymized list of reasons people have had Maxwell’s silver ban-hammer bonk them on the head.

Contact me if you feel the overwhelming need to contribute.

Seriously, if you want edit rights, please let me know. I don’t want this to be a one-man-band.


but I was totes envisioning a tumblr…

also, come on and add:

" I don’t PUA or hate women (otherwise I’d have to be one)."–Looney

Did @falcor really make a typo? Fixing that might make the first entry easier to understand.


I was quite underwhelmed to see just one entry :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a screenshot as proof!

If the profile is updated, I’ll update the document.

You’re next pal!

Well, I don’t have those kind of powers, just as well…

I don’t know of others who have been banned. If you do, shoot them to me, or ask to be an editor (via email, since I have to grant edit access via email).

I’m probably always gonna walk the thin line, I’m a contrarian by nature.

But I abide by Wheaton’s Law

Don’t be a dick

PS: I was actually looking forward to a list of ban worthy reasons, instead of ban worthy occurrences.

I remember some of these!

It’s up to 9 now.


How does one “misgender”?

By using the wrong pronouns, or otherwise refuting somebody’s professed gender for reasons of personal bias.

I was accused of this once when referring to some celebrity as “it”. And no, they were not transsexual. I just don’t assume that people have a gender, race, citizenship, etc unless they tell me they do. So, by default, I tend to not used gendered pronouns. In English, one can get away with “they”, but “it” really bothers some people. When this bothers people is, surprisingly, when in reference to some celebrity or other public figure where people assume they are of a certain gender, despite nobody ever having heard them say that they identify with it. So “everybody knows they are” based upon nothing.


Ah… The ban reason simply said “Misgendering” not “misgendering others.”

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Even Don’t Push Your Luck Dragons can make keystroke errors. They can also fix them.


Using “it” when referring to someone is dehumanising. Using “they” isn’t.


updated. Thankee kindly, kind dragon.

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@popobawa4u, @the_borderer - Grammar debates can go elsewhere, please.

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That’s fine by me, I’m not really in the mood for long debates about grammar and wasn’t planning on getting involved further.


Even dwarves started small!

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I surprised that none of those accounts were banned, but “suspended”; especially one who was suspended to 2288 AD.

Patience is its own reward.

We are a community that generally embraces the Technological Singularity, afterall.

Such time is but a drop in the digitally-cosmic bucket.


There’s a dystopian scifi book.

2288 AD: The Suspended Return.