The Ending Story


I’ve looked at my waistline and noticed it has grown a lot. I am full, and it’s time to return to Fantasia.

Peace out, bipeds.

Hope everyone's nifty!
Trump denounces racism

Happy trails.


You will be missed. Happy flying!


May your journey be filled with wonder and adventure, like The NeverEnding Story.

And may your path keep you far from the evils of the world, like The NeverEnding Story II.


Don’t wish away your memories. It doesn’t work out.


Goodbye @Falcor - you will be missed. Try not to eat too many trolls on your way out.


All the best- take care of yourself. See you around.


Cause it needs repeating…
You will be missed. We will keep a jar of TUMS set aside in your memory.
Happy hunting in your new worlds.


Goodbye, you will be missed.
Here a story ends, may a new journey begin.


It’s all that High Fructose Troll Syrup!


Best wishes on your new endeavours. Your presence and efforts on behalf of the community will be missed. The Luck Dragon was one of the factors that made the BoingBoing BBS such a civil and pleasant place to visit. Thank you.


So it goes…

Farewell, @Falcor


Long days and pleasant nights, @Falcor.


So long, and thank you.


While it’s sad to see you leave, know your presence here was always appreciated, and you really did a fabulous job of not only keeping BBS civil, but you helped make it the great place for conversation that it became.

Thank you for your tireless service to the Mutants. We will miss you.



Thank you for all your hard work in keeping the trolls away from our door. Although we might not have always shown it, it was always appreciated.

You will be missed, and I’m certain that you will always be welcome here should you choose to return.


They grow up so damn fast.



Thank you, and best wishes for you and yours going forward.