Au Revoir, les Mutants


I’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus. Too many old friends have left and for me the neighborhood has lost its old magic. What was once a fun diversion is now mostly tiring. I miss Antinous and Falcor and the old ways of doing things. I miss all the old regulars that have moved on.

I’m appreciative to @orenwolf for his work here slaying trolls and serving up apt B5 references, and I owe @codinghorror for helping me sort out my handle in the move to Discus a few years ago. I’ve been active in online communities where mods resented having to wade into the messes left by trolls and clean them up. That you guys do it not only without complaint but with the same efficiency as your predecessors is why the BBS is still one of the better forums on the internet.

But the systemic changes to the community as a whole, combined with the more concerted efforts of itinerant trolls to derail any controversial thread early, have made it less of a close-knit community and less of a place for in-depth discussions.

Also, in these chaotic times, I want to redirect some of my time and energy to meat-space.

I’m usually one to just slip out the back door, but the BB comment section, in it’s various incarnations, has been my Cheers for longer by far than any other place on the internet, and it seems only right to say farewell.

I’ll log-in from time to time to check PM’s, but I don’t know how regularly.

I wish everyone well. You’ve been fun and thought-provoking, and you’ve challenged my views and beliefs for the better. I’ll be checking messages and replying for the rest of today before I go silent.

Live long and prosper. :vulcan_salute:


Merde. Who will Foyle the trolls now? Farewell, Gulley. You are an artist and a prince of a fellow.


Best wishes to you, GulliverFoyle. Thanks for your many thought-inspiring and informative posts.


Long Days and Pleasant Nights, good sir.


I hate goodbyes…


May we meet again in the place where no shadows fall.



May the road rise up to meet you and the wind always be at your back.


*hugs so very tight * We will miss you. Good luck out there.


Very sorry to see you join the group of value-added commenters leaving here. I hope your hiatus isn’t too indefinite, but understand why you’ve made your decision. Until the next time…


Your contributions here will be missed. Fare thee well.


In my short time here you’ve provided some of the most insightful commentary and discussion I’ve read, so even though I don’t know you like many of the others, I too will miss your contributions.

Party on Wayne!



I’ll miss your comments. As a newer member, if it was something I said, I’m sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:



fare thee well, purple one. you will be missed.


God dammit.


Mutatis mutandis.

Bye all.


I’m so sorry to see you go. Hopefully we’ll meet again elsewhere, elsewhen… best wishes.


Very cool! All the best in your endeavors and hope to see you again sometime.