I'm out too


Post must be 20 characters before I say Bye




That’s unfortunate.

Good luck to you, and be well wherever you go.


Fair winds and following seas. It’s been nice talking with you.


Darn, you will be missed here.

All best wishes for you.


Sorry. I apologize for contributing to the unhealthy brusque culture. Your posts are valuable and welcome. I’m sorry for snapping at you over something neither of us are responsible for.


Perhaps we need another list…


On this watch, we keep our own :confused:


I don’t think we interacted but i’m sorry to see you go.



See it in your eyes (There’s been a change)
I feel distant
There’s been a change
A fear
Hangs over my head
I search for peace
In the midst of it all.

Farewell, @jannamark, where e’er else you wander.


I feel like since last November, the forum culture here at BB has taken an unhealthy turn. I’m hoping that those who remain can remain strong and awake, and be vigilant enough to defend our land from the Troll hordes.


Oh, no! I’m sorry to see you go. :frowning:


i don’t understand whatishapping.



We’ll miss you! :disappointed_relieved: Best wishes…


Sorry to hear the BB community is losing another good commenter. I’ve enjoyed your contributions.See you elsewhere, I hope.

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