Good to be back

Just wanted to say hi, and wish everyone a happy rest of your twenty-teens. I had a mandated several month vacation from bb brought about by my too-crass-by-half response in the “healing crystals” thread, and as is the case with my other times away from the forum, it was a useful opportunity to reset my relationship with it, and you all, its denizens.

Moving forward, I am going to really try to avoid being needlessly argumentative or combative. You’re more than welcome to offer me feedback, publicly or via DM, if you feel I’m being out of line. You are also more than welcome to simply “ignore” me on the bulletin board, which I know some people prefer. I may use this feature myself, moving forward, if I find that it heightens my enjoyment of the site, and limits needless friction.

Anyway, great to be back, as I do enjoy so many of your perspectives. I missed being able to participate in a lot of threads that caught my interest over the past few months. And if one big lesson has been learned, it’s to tread more lightly as much as I’m capable. It’s not my intention here to truly upset anybody.


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