New avatar - yes it's me!


I heard that mine and @choglitz 's avatars were a little too similar, so I added this hot pink background to make us more differenter.

Design suggestion box

Hipsters. Why not be happy with who you are?


She already put a bird on it.

Cho Glitz? Isn’t it Chicago Liz?





I’m glad you didn’t get rid of the bird entirely!

Who complained about us having similar avatars? That seems a strange thing to have an issue about.

And yes, it’s Chgo (Chicago) Liz. But hey, if you want to call me Choglitz, I guess I can adapt!


No complaints from me!


Not sure who mentioned it but I’ve thought the same at times, that we end up in so many of the same threads and our icons are both blue birds. It’s good to switch things out.

I’m such a dumbass in my mind @chgoliz was all one word. Doink.


I’ve grown rather fond of my bluebird! But there are other shots of various other birds at my dad’s so I suppose I could switch it out. I like having something personal and real that isn’t too revealing of specific identity.


yeah, you were already choglitz. Thanks for identifying a mass hallucination!


Fascinating! How in the world were you two pronouncing it in your heads? And what did y’all think it meant?


chawg-lit’s, but I knew it was spelled differently :slight_smile:


To be honest, I always thought it was Ch. Goliz and something to do with these guys but I wasn’t getting the joke.


I remember having issues remembering which was which when BBS was new. I felt like getting it consistently right from the picture alone was some kind of personal bbs merit badge.



In my head it was CH Go Liz! Thought CH could be an abbreviation or something.


I’ll try and imagine the word ‘Chicago’ flashing up behind the ‘Chgo’ or something when I read it form now on.


I know, right?

Pfft… hipsters.


ちょう ぐりつ でしょ!
chou guritsu desho!


I always thought they looked similar but that made it neat, like you two were in some way on the same team. I would maybe be an avatar teammate for @Elusis, except mine is much less grown up.


Yeah, I used to confuse you two a lot more than ChickieD and chgoliz. I change my own avatar often enough where I don’t think I have a fixed visual identity.

For a while there a couple years ago, I used to confuse waetherman and funruly, since waetherman’s avatar looks juuust enough like Gilligan when I squint.



Thanks, now every time I see a regular ‘no dogs’ sign, it’s merely gonna read as “No non-awesome dogs”