New avatar - yes it's me!


I used to have the same problem with @awjt until I started playing [this ridiculous thing][1] and now I have a semi sentient beard that keeps me out of trouble.

Everyone should get one.

[1]: Badass Space Dragon 2.0 - Registration




How do you know alternate-universe you isnt a Báihuàbìng-lo?


I think my compromise works well. Of course Liz and I are on the same team (of course I knew all the time she was Liz and not Choglitz). So now we still are both birds of a similar feather, but with my little pop of pink you can tell us apart a little bit more easily.


Might I suggest this avatar?


I’d like to think we are, too!

Back when I switched to this photo, ChickieD and I had a back-and-forth about it in some thread, because she already had her avatar so she of course wanted to ask about mine.

For me, I was going through my photos and saw it, and it made me think of the bluebird of happiness and Cinderella and how sometimes I feel odder than the norm here at BB but I think it’s a good thing that someone of my vintage/experience/gender/etc. adds to the conversation. Sometimes I feel like I’m a little bird twittering around a bunch of coders! I can’t say if that’s even remotely similar to ChickieD’s reason for her avatar.

And my screen name used to be chgo_liz, which made it much easier to see what was going on, but during one of the switches between platforms I had problems and by the time we’d gotten it worked out, I found myself with this new non-separated name (I think we couldn’t reuse my old name and make it work for some reason). So there’s that explanation.


Ha ha. I have used Chickie on some other platform before, and it wasn’t available, so I made it ChickieD because I liked the wordplay of it. In fact, I like it better than Chickie. I’m not really sure what I was thinking with Chickie except just that I’ve always liked that slang term.

As a more typically feminine looking woman in engineering and software development, I’ve always felt like I like bringing a female point of view to the table. There are, of course, other ladies in the mix, but often they are generally more of the “just one of the boys” type of women or, being of a different nationality where either there is a cultural thing for being quiet or a language barrier, sometimes not speaking up. I’m now in a women’s group at my work and even so the attitude is “let’s make a noise, but not too loud in case someone hears us.”


Y’all are incorrect (including @chgoliz):


Whoah. I just found this thread.

And I totally thought that “ch” stood for who-the-hell-knows-what, with a last name of “goliz” (hard-z, like “go-litz”).



Glad that wasn’t just me. C.H. Goliz, author of books of… zero-gravity neo-futurist poetry, or something.


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