Hay! @humbabella!


Hay! @Humbabella! Hay!! I found your dopplganger!!


Are you drunk?


Not yet. Should I be?


I can put other animals, stuffed or live, on my head.


Could a drunk person do this?


Please! We all love when you put critters on your noggin!


Sharknado 4? The Search for Cthulhu?


I’m just being a weirdo :). I sat bolt upright this morning, saw my new octopus, and the only thing I could think of was… “Bella has an octopus on her head. Bella has an octopus on her head!!!

I offer no explanations.


No need to offer one! We love and validate your weirdness!


That looks more like you’re going for…“Evil Twin” :smiley:


One takes what one gets.

(I need a goatee for the octopus)


I have one of those sushi guys!! I got him in a claw game machine in LA this past spring! Mine is octopus and he has an eye patch no naturally I call him Captain Tako!


Weirdmasté, citizen. :handspray:


I refuse to believe that @Humbabella has a goatee. Seems to me, accuracy requires YOU to remove said non-standard ornamentation.

/ducks down, misses all stuffed animals and kitchen knives thrown in my direction



I don’t mind confirming that I do not, nor have I ever, had a goatee. Also, I do like putting things on my head.


Oatmeal? Cats? Loam?

Could you please be more specific?


Geez, I haven’t put anything on my head in like a week. But I did steal some shampoo while sleep walking, so maybe my subconscious is telling me I’m overdo. (No, I’m not joking :D)


Pillows and couch cushions mostly, though whatever-toy-my-toddler-hands-me is another favourite.