Rescued octopus comes back a day later to chill with its rescuers


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I am going to ruin this heartwarming story for everyone and offer an alternate theory on what the Octopus was thinking:

He was a foot fetishist.


I’ve heard that if you have an octopus in an aquarium that they are happier if you play with them.


Do octopus normally hang around for extended periods in water this shallow? Maybe it’s hurt/sick. Maybe other people have helped it (maybe even fed it?)

The more I read about these things the more guilt I feel for all the pulpo feira I ate in Galicia :frowning:


You have shown me compassion, ape creature, and for that I will make sure that you are the first to be eaten when the Ancient One arises from his timeless slumber. You shall be spared the horror of witnessing the utter annihilation of all you know and love.


The music is straight out’a children’s afternoon movie circa 60’s & 70’s.


I’m a sucker for octopi articles.


Maybe by helping that octopus they broke the Prime Directive, and are being worshiped as deities now.


If that’s what having ones toes touched actually means, then I’m in deep yogurt.


I figure our communication with aliens will be about as successful for the first few hundred years. “It did something that was purposeful, but I have no idea what it was trying to tell me.”


Whatever the reason for it’s return, he sure is a pretty fellow.


And people ask why I don’t eat octopus!


I cannot eat Octopus. They are true Aliens. When the Mothership returns I will be judged fairly.


That octopus is a friend! So good!


I am really enjoying the idea that the octopus will go back and be the first prophet of “Apethulhu”.


It’s fun to think it was thanking them. Of course, they may have simply been witnessing the behavior that got this little fellow beached in the first place.


I think you could make a very good case that he was a reincarnated Japanese otaku/oyaji pervert.

And that this wouldn’t have been his first death in this manner.


So the octopus was really Tarantino in disguise…


My layman guess is that the octopus recognized the people and wanted to check them out considering they helped it. I doubt it was trying to express gratitude, but expressing curiosity toward a person that helped it i would consider enough of a reward for a deed well done.


some garlic, some red wine, stock, slow simmer in a pan for a couple of hours - omnomnom - well worth rescuing