Rescued octopus comes back a day later to chill with its rescuers

All the better!


My question is: Were the people dressed like Japanese school girls?

That’s a very cool video. I’m certain many other species are self aware and sentient. H.P. Lovecraft knew who the true rulers of our world are.


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I eat a plant-based diet, and have for decades. I’m not militant, and am happy enough to graze my foodz while friends chow down on steaks or whatever around me. Food choices are complex.

But folks eating octopus hits my emotional weird-out button the way people eating cats or chimps does.


Let’s let Luiz explain it again:


It’s a tricky case to make; but I’m not sure that Mom started out on the best foot with the “No, it’s cool, they only hacked off the limbs for us to devour; the head is still on ice awaiting a buyer” gambit.


Well since we don 't know and likely can’t ever figure it out I’m gonna go with he showed up to say thanks. It doesn’t cost any more to be happy about the interaction and it’s damn sure more fun to think the old boy showed up because he was grateful. We miss too many chances to have fun when we drag pointless attempts of explanations into things.


Given the amount of octopus behavior/potential communication that seems to depend pretty heavily on high performance chromatophores, plenty of arms; and similar deeply-dissimilar-to-humans capabilities one has to wonder if they find the periodic occurrence of what looks eerily like purposeful behavior from entities whose skin is wholly void of any trace of communicative intent or capability to be intriguing; but too alien to readily try to comprehend.

(edit: also, I have to wonder if they realize that humans don’t have discretionary control over skin color and pattern and analyze accordingly or is cephalopod racism totally a thing?)


Octopi ARE people :


I once had an octopus come to shore to play under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I think it was actually begging – probably people fishing there fed it. But I like the idea this one was thanking the nice bipeds.

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Yep. Hokusai (and Urotsukidoji) were were my head was at in that post.

(Stop me before I… too late…) from Wiktionary:
"The plural octopi is hypercorrect, coming from the mistaken notion that the -us in octopūs is a Latin second declension ending. The word is actually treated as a third declension noun in Latin. The plural octopodes follows the Ancient Greek plural, ὀκτώποδες (oktṓpodes). The plural octopii is based on an incorrect attempt to pluralise the word based on an incorrect assumption of its origin, and is rare and widely considered to be nonstandard.

Sources differ on which plurals are acceptable: Fowler’s Modern English Usage asserts that “the only acceptable plural in English is octopuses”, while Merriam-Webster and other dictionaries accept octopi as a plural form. The Oxford English Dictionary lists octopuses, octopi, and octopodes (the order reflecting decreasing frequency of use), stating that the last form is rare."

Naturally, I prefer octopodes. Because that’s how I am.


ah yes, the art so dirty that bert cooper from mad men hung it in his office

Isn’t it great?!


I’ve been thinking for a while now that I might stop eating octopus, and you know what? I think this sealed the deal.

I have a cosmic connection with them, and have had visions of them (with some very interesting information coming along as part of the “download”) in some deep trance states. I guess you could say they are my spirit animal.

As a nondualist, I have come to the conclusion that consciousness is perhaps the fundamental constant of the metaverse. I have reason to believe that “octopus-consciousness” is deep, wise, and has been intertwined with the human story for a long, long time. So beautiful, so expressive. Same goes for squid, conch, and other cephalopods. I’ve had a few extremely fun experiences “playing” with reef squid in the Caribbean. :slight_smile:


I’ve always been fascinated by them and squids, but i must confess that i have a strong love for seafood and both creatures are terribly delicious. I don’t make it a habit to eat either, i had some a few months ago and the last time before that was like… 5 years ago? Maybe longer. I’m a bad person but at least i try :stuck_out_tongue:


Dancing squid bowl dish in Hakodate

Don’t watch if squeamish or easily weirded-out. (Not that I’d eat that.)

I also eat octopus very rarely, and who knows, there could be a moment I decide to at some point – I agree, it’s incredibly delicious if cooked correctly. :drooling_face:

I also tend to be a big believer that intent and awareness actually counts for a lot, sometimes quite a bit more than the actions we take. I think if you do consume it, and you do it mindfully and with thankfulness and awareness, it does a lot to diminish the karmic load. Same obviously goes for all the areas of our lives that could potentially create karmic ripples through spacetime.

I for one will definitely not be judging you. :slight_smile:


This book talks about the evolution of the octopus and the other cephalopods, all of them extraordinary:

From a description in this book, I found this video of the mimic octopus:

Though at the start of the video it could be imitating these creatures: