Octopus attacks and kills a dolphin from within, while being eaten


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Brutal! Way to go down fighting Octo-dude.


I think this is the true moral of the story:


An inspiring metaphor for the triumph of the downtrodden…well, unless you’re considering eating the rich…

[edited to remove greedy octopus, per @LutherBlisset’s note below…I wasn’t aware of the anti-semitic connection…]

Also…Oldboy sequel? I’d cringe-watch.


RIP you two bad asses.


Whereas Oedipus cut himself.

Also, octopi?


Death by choking also happens to several people each year who eat live squid, mostly in Korea.

@TheGreatParis - I use octopi too, but we and Clive are both about equally “wrong.”


Out in the open ocean there aren’t a lot of choices for what to eat. That dolphin was probably psyched to get some calamari, and unless you’re a scavenger everything you eat is alive and kicking.


That just killed my plans to swing by Black Bear Diner for breakfast this morning. :nauseated_face:



Don’t snort fish, kids!

They’ll just lodge in your nasal cavities and you’ll asphyxiate!

(per the Marine Mammal Science report linked in the OP, citing IJsseldijk, et. al. 2015)



After tide pods now the kids will switch to cephalopods.

Of course they’re not so tough once floured and fried.


Octopuses, or if you want to be a pedant octopodes but English plurals work just fine. Fake Latin plurals on the other hand don’t for words derived from Greek.

But I hate fake Latin plurals for English words even when they are of Latin origin.


Ok i was on the fence but now i’m definitely not trying live octopus!


Marine life is weird.


But but but …dolphins are nice!


Squid is calamari, octopus is Polpo.


Do not mess with octopuses, people. They will cut you. They will cut you while they are inside you and dying.

And Australian.


Cthulu bats last.

Shit, is that a bumper sticker yet?


Cooking (or chopping up) your food before eating - it might save your life!