Deep sea squid drama


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Ooph, brutal.


It’s a squid eat squid world.


“Dammit, Larry, how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from scientific equipment!”
“Aww, Mom!”

That’s how I’m going to choose to interpret it.


What was going on below that is even more disturbing


I came here to make this exact joke. Time to go read some Far Side.


Squids. Hmmph. What can you say.


The big squids eat the little ones
The big squids eat the little ones
Not my problem give me some


Sea surface octopus drama:


That was so excellent!!! Slowed it way down and now it’s my happy place!


There is no honor among cephalopods


My cats do that all the time. Adorable!


i take a yearly baja fishing trip. okay, a yearly baja drinking trip.
but there is fishing in the morning.

When the squid are IN the Sea of Cortez?
it is not uncommon to reel one up with another 2 or 3 gnawing on it.

Squid eat anything.

I eat squid!

more calamari please


It’s a squidy squid world.


Sometimes what it takes to stop a bad guy with a squid is a good guy with a bigger squid.


Oh yeah!


scott beale is not amused


What film is that from?


Despicable Me.


You’re going to regret that after the UpLift.