Meet a googly-eyed cuttlefish


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are squids fishes?

and, to invoke the second big BBS topic, are fried squid rings made out of this cute creature also brilliantly lilac?


“mock”?!? Really…are they mocking it? It sounds like a bunch of people who found it pretty damn adorable to me. and they are RIGHT…it did look like a child’s toy for crying out loud! JHC not everything is an offense and affront. Sometimes maybe it is a good idea to check your feelings at the door and not apply “offense” to everything we see. They even specifically point out how the move the EV away so as not to disturb the little creature!!!






and I only look her in the eye. honest!


Biologically or in English usage?

Whales rather than cuttlefish, but Melville’s discussion of the issue in Moby-Dick is interesting. One issue is that English law supersedes actual science; if the Government passes a law repealing the law of universal gravitation (and with May, Rudd, Rees-Mogg, Gove, IDS and Johnson they just might) then forget about suing someone for pushing you off a roof.


These guys have pretty good coverage of this story too:


Yeah, I thought that little fish and the associated mockery sounded familiar.


Cuttlefish for my real friends, and real fish for my cuddle friends!


That’s ridiculous.

There should be 100% overlap between “real friends” and “cuddle friends.”

ETA: Oblig. xkcd:



Cuttlefish - Pets or Meat?

Seriously, cuttlefish is great snack food.


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