This googly eyed stubby squid might make your day


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This googly eyed stubby squid might make your day

Surprisingly it worked.


Squid and octopodes are perhaps the nearest thing to an encounter with extraterrestrial life; very different structure but efficient brains and eyes - more efficient in some ways than ours because they ended up with the blood vessels outside the retina, not inside it (one of those little arguments against intelligent design).
In this case, cute extraterrestrial life.


It feels pretty cruel the way those marine biologists are just laughing and mocking its appearance while it’s just sat there like “oh… hi everyone… I wasn’t expecting you”


You know you’re a cute animal when you’ve got a sticky mucus jacket and people still go “Awww”.


I caught one of those near a Pokestop on my way to work this morning.


I don’t get it. Just looks like a regular dad chilling on the ocean floor. Am i missing something?


I loved the highly scientific discussion of the little guy.


I was always under the impression that cuttlefish and squid were related but different creatures.


Fascinating creatures indeed. The distributed nervous system is particularly freaky - as I understand it, each limb has what amounts to its own brain, and the central one gives out general instructions, but the limbs figure out how to follow those instructions on their own. Side effect of that, they don’t have proprioception the way we do.

At least, that’s the stuff I read online.


I felt so bad about the mocking and the laughter that I muted the sound.


Really though, there’s not much more to be gained from watching the video than you get from the screenshot.


I kept thinking it would move! Or blink or something…




Someone (with more time on their hands) has got to GIF that thing up with proper googly eyes.


It is cute, it’s true. But the penetrating stare from those judging eyes is unsettling…
Really, the commentary is what brought a smile to my face, they’re so excited!


were you not amused by the commentary?


But why would it be purple?


Someone ought to task them with picking up some trash while they’re down there.


The researchers, not the marine life.


Obviously it’s royalty.