Dead squid can have sex with your mouth, and it hurts


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Top porn search term in Quebec is "Quebec"

The FUCK they can!


Dead squid care nothing for consent…


Rule 34 applies!

Do Not Google! You have been warned!


Squid: “Bring it, xenomorphs.”


Someone tell Frank and his editor that the plural of apparatus is apparatus.



seriously tenacious ejaculatory apparati

dot tumblr dot com.

[That’s the new WBAGNFARB.]


Apparati is certainly wrong, but apparatus can be treated as a self-plural noun (like glasses) or it can have a super-plural apparatuses. Apparatus is a collection of bits to perform a function, as in “laboratory apparatus”, but if I have two machines to make hydrogen sulphide instead of one, I am allowed to say that I have two Kipps’ apparatuses or apparatus. Both the OED and Merriam-Webster agree with this.
Personally I would avoid using “apparatuses” but that’s because I try to avoid sesquipedalian words.



C’thulhu Phuq That!


I used to like calamari, until just now.


You are correct, sir. My knee jerks quickly at the sight of “apparati” ever since a long argument I had with a patent attorney.


Mmm delicious squid jizz.

Also I presume the squid in question was fresh when cooked and wasn’t cooked too long. I think this is a very very rare occurrence


It’s ok, calamari is all just pig bung, anyway.


you forgot the comma after FUCK.



Aaaaauuuuuuggghhhhhhhhh. Guess I’m one step closer to going vegan!


You have to really let them know who’s boss…


This has got to be the headline or story Of. The. Year! Maybe even of the decade.