Rare Giant Squid Video


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@pesco The title here was blank I fixed that but the main site title is blank as well.


on the one side awesome; on the other “eh i’ll just jump in next to this animal that could easily kill me” is maybe an odd response.


[quote=“pesco, post:1, topic:71314”]looked lively, spurting ink and trying to entangle his tentacles around me.
[/quote]Ha ha! He was trying to be friendly! Probably.


Thank you!


No problem. It is a cool post and I figured a title would help those of us here.


“WTF?!? Why is it so shallow here? And where did all these land creatures come from? Dang, I must have taken a wrong turn. Now how the heck do I get home? Go away, land thing. Lessee, shallow, shallow, shallow… go away land thing, you’re distracting me. Nope, nope, wait, over there… deeper. That’s the way home. Whew.”


Wait, where’s the sponsor link?


Diving Shop Kaiyu? More like Diving Shop Kaiju, amirite?



Hello ickle giant squid, please don’t eats me! :open_mouth:


Don’t you mean “sponsor ink” not “sponsor link”?


Sooo given it is the Japanese, what sauce did they serve it with?


Typically just a simple salted crust, a dash of pepper, perhaps with a wedge of lemon. I am ashamed to admit that I am salivating as I type this :frowning:


I’d be very, very, cautious about trying to eat one of these.

R’lyeh enjoys limited international recognition, so its consular staff tend not to have formally recognized diplomatic immunity; but eating them will still be seen as provocative, which may end poorly for you.



Plus, don’t the big ones supposedly taste like car tyres boiled in ammonia?

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