How does tear gas actually work?

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The last time I was near the Justice Center in downtown Portland the residue was crystallized on the ground. The Water Bureau has no idea what it will do to the sewer system or downstream. We do know that a lot of women who have taken part in the protests have suffered from abnormal menstruation - read “getting your period several times a month.”

We know a little about this crap. There is so much more we don’t know. But #stiggnint to #libturds is all that’s important amirite?!?!


For states that have direct democracy (ability to put initiatives and legislation onto the ballot), perhaps one should be written requiring the department of health have on file the materials safety data sheet (MSDS) for each of these irritants and quantities on hand for every enforcement agency in its jurisdiction.

Failure to do that, the enforcement agency is stripped of its “qualified immunity” should a chemical not previously disclosed be used.


When we were down there, just standing underneath the trees by the medical tent, my eyes were watering heavily. People would walk buy and kick up a bunch of dust and omg that shit was choking. I wasn’t sure whether that was tear gas or pepper spray.

When we got tear-gassed later on in the evening I was surprised at how “clean smelling” it was (at least compared to the stench of the burning traffic cones the people up front had thrown into the bonfire). The smell at first was almost pleasant until my eyes and throat began to involuntarily snap shut.


Shot in head with tear gas canister . .


i thought this was some sort of odd conspiracy theory, which makes the moral of the story, i guess, “believe women.”

and i found that through this article, which lists a lot more chemicals than capsaicin

The Department of Environmental Quality [said] the city must send a monitoring plan to state officials within the next three weeks describing how it will monitor for specific heavy metals and chemicals that regulators believe are likely associated with CS gas, a strong form of toxic tear gas used against protesters for months.

The state is asking Portland to collect and analyze stormwater for chromium, hexavalent chromium, lead, zinc, copper, barium and perchlorate. Most of those substances are toxic to humans at even at extremely low levels.


This helps to reveal the disingenuous declaration “No tear gas was used.” for the pure equivocation it is.

I want to see the next administration official who declares “It wasn’t tear gas” raked over the coals about exactly which compound it was, why they take such pains to exclude it from their private definition of “tear gas”, and if they would be willing to participate in research (in one of the NON control groups) as to the long term effects of the various riot control agents so dear to US LEOs


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