How fake money for movies is made

Hell Money?

I will happily accept all your fake money for proper disposal.

Suppose you just substitute pictures of people who sort of look like the people on the money? Put Wilford Brimley on the hundred, young James Spader on the twenty, Nicole Kidman on the ten, and so on.

If you’re a US citizen, traveling abroad to violate US law (even if what you’re doing is not a crime wherever you perform whatever action is in question) does not mean you cannot be prosecuted by US law enforcement for violation of US law.

So, US counterfeiting laws still apply to you regardless of whether or not you’re actually on US territory.

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I don’t find that quite as amazing as the fact that US citizens are still taxed even when they live and earn money outside the US. I don’t think any other country in the world would try something like that.

It’s not that odd. The taxes are defined so that there is no double-taxation – you won’t generally pay any taxes on your income to the US if you’ve paid taxes on them to another country. (This varies slightly between different countries depending on tax treaties, but is generally true.)

Note that income tax is the only one where it really makes a difference where you live. Capital gains and stock income are already taxed depending on where the fund is, so if you’re investing in a foreign country while in the US you’re already paying foreign taxes, and visa-versa.

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You might not get double taxed (except for those all too frequent occurrences where there’s slight differences in tax codes), but it’s unusual that you’d get taxed at all by the US when you don’t live there.
If I (as a brit), came to live in the US, I’d stop paying all UK taxes, even the ones that were higher than the US taxes (lots of them), because I wouldn’t be benefiting from any of those taxes. I’d still get all the benefits if I moved back (free healthcare, roads, police that usually don’t shoot on sight, citizens that understand how to queue etc.), even if I’d never paid a penny to HMRC.
As far as I know, only the US taxes it’s citizens abroad for money earned abroad.

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It’s going to be a local prop company that does the “counterfeiting,” though.

A common scam is to clip the corners (with the demarcations) of higher bills (which can be redeemed as damaged) and paste them over the corners of one dollar bills.

That’s one of the downsides of having nearly uniform currency.

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