How funds from major fossil fuel corporations help control police departments

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There’s a certain horrid logic at work here: if the left didn’t have so much blue-on brown violence to address, there’d be a lot more attention available for environmental and economic violence done by these industries. Its the dark side of a PR campaign.


Read the linked article and while I’m sympathetic, it says less than it claims to.

It does not connect the dots super well. It basically says “here is a cloud of dots.”

For example, I live in the Seattle area, so I read with interest about Wells Fargo’s association with the Seattle PD, but came away learning only that there is some kind of relationship between them.

As such this is much more of a “something’s fishy” and “more investigation is warranted” piece than a “look at this corruption” piece (which is how it is framed).

The path to justice isn’t a sprint. It’s a Marathon.

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