How I learned to stop worrying and love explosions


There should be a trigger warning of sorts for these kinds of elevator music.

Maggie, I would suggest adding Bachelard’s 1938 The Psychoanalysis of Fire to your reading list. (How can one not like an epistemologist’s book that opens by quoting Paul Eluard: “I must not look on reality as being like myself.” ; -)

Men have known this for decades - it’s explosions that make a movie worth watching.


Technically speaking, was that an explosion or a deflagration?

Wait, no. That would be detonation vs. deflagration. Nevermind.

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It was a ka-boom and that’s what really matters. :smiley:
The rest is just nitpicking. And I say that as a chief nitpicker. :smile:

Though, it must be said, a good high-order detonation in a humid air where the rarefaction part of the shock wave makes a Wilson cloud is a sight to see!

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