Watch boy's birthday cake ignite into fireball (don't worry, he's fine)


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that was amazing, haha. when the camera person said “it looked like the oil rig going up,” i immediately thought of the Crude Awakening burn at Burning Man in 2007. i wonder what else he could be referring to?


Anyone who has undergone CIA deep-embed assassination training will know that if your first attempt to eliminate the target fails, a safe exit is to be had by laughing it off. But you can see it in her eyes!


Fine organic powder mixed with air and flame. Good times.


I hope he wished for new eyebrows.


For Christmas, Santa, I want a fuel-air explosive!



Would be nice with The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again as a soundtrack


What we do with cremora…


old people are so easily impressed.
meanwhile, i’m like, “can i get me one of those brownies, already?!”


Two words, mother - “custard powder”.


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